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Desktop wallpaper design

Almost everybody does not like to see his or her computer desktop with same wallpaper day after day. Actually it creates boredom. However, we can make our desktops alive or lively with some desktop wallpaper designs. Over internet, you can easily get lots of free wallpapers. But if you want to have your own and unique computer wallpaper design and even animated wallpapers to promote your business or to provide visitors free to download in your site, you certainly need great designs.

Anyways, it is not that you find out any desktop wallpaper designer and he or she will present you some excellent wallpaper! Actually if you are looking for static wallpaper then the designer has to be expert and experienced in Photoshop, illustrator and other designing tools. Same way for animated wallpapers expertise should be in flash and 3D developments or the designs turn heavy which consume great chunk of computer memory. I have been working with several international clients for quite a few years as a desktop wallpaper designer. I have experience in both static and animated computer wallpaper designs.
Desktop Wallpaper design

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